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6th August, 2003. 2:16 am.(parchin)

the cut of anesthesia
fuelling seven layers
of skin.

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2nd August, 2003. 3:14 am.(parchin)

it was the first seed of doubt,
and Adam kept plaiting hair into crowns

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5th July, 2003. 4:26 pm.(protempore)

Finally, when they said I could [ insert ] myself

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21st January, 2003. 4:25 pm.(un_me)

yes, i AM my own worst enemy

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15th January, 2003. 10:29 pm. "Cheers, one for the road!"(13masquerade)

Oh sweet lambrusco
In my glass you do the tango
In my body you fizzle with gusto
In my mind you create a swine
In my soul you deliver the fool.

Current mood: [a glass of lambrusco in hand].

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13th January, 2003. 12:35 pm.(un_me)

insolent icicles daring to melt down igloo saunas with a single coinciding mantra unspoken, just whispered between frozen ice shards of a waterfall unmoving, freezing time and space... time is the igloo, sauna is the space. they are both melted away but we will sauna into ice block. that's all we can do at this point. we collide between the notes of music like we ourselves are some kind of litany not speaking the words but being them, travelling so fast across the infinite futility of infinite space yes i do have parts of you in my wallet memorized but dont mistake it for the other 23 hours 59 minutes and 50 seconds.

i dont have THEM memorized. it's a long way to go. longer than distance.

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13th January, 2003. 10:34 am.(un_you)

I have stood here before,
eluding shadows trailing
paths into my heart
I have stood here before
dripping careless salt
onto my own wounds

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12th January, 2003. 5:37 pm.(parchin)

As I raise my palms up, I capture nothing but cool air...

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11th January, 2003. 1:58 am. HAIKU SERVICE STATION ("Filler Up!")(un_me)

this is the place where
there will be haikus as far
as the I can see

Current mood: haikulicious.

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11th January, 2003. 1:54 am.(un_me)

"Don't you see? The parts down there are just the sand dunes. The sick human animal part. Sand dunes blowing sand on each other to keep warm."

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